About Us



—   a fragrant flowering tropical tree of a genus that includes frangipani.

The Plumeria flower is well known in the Hawaiian Islands, but its symbolism to both our company and customers sum up why this was the perfect name. It symbolizes positivity, charm, grace and new beginnings. It is a flower of beauty and that matches our goal for any project we build for our customers.

Established based on a history of technology success

—   Bringing the future of technology into the present

Plumeria Solutions was built on the experience of its founders to not just use the latest technology, but make it productive today. The software industry is well known for its rapid advances and ever changing directions, but how does anyone keep up with and follow it? That's what we do! Our team is not only passionate about what we do, it is part of our hobbies. We believe in using technology to enhance and build more productive, enjoyable lives.

With an incomparable amount of experience delivering these solutions, our team is the best of the best. Our solutions have been delivered in Mobile Banking, Airlines, Consumer Products, Transportation, Government, Entertainment and many Fortune 500 corporations.